My name is Asgerbo. I am a sexologist and massage therapist. My specialty is disabilities and sexuality, but I also provide massage therapy and general sexological counseling and sex therapy.

You can read more about my work further down on this page – or contact me directly at +45 30 13 18 11 or at asgerbo@protonmail.com


Sexological counseling and sex therapy

Not enough sex? Too much porn? Not enough energy? Do you come too soon, too late, or not at all? Are you too jealous or too indifferent? Do you and your partner misunderstand each other? Or no longer talk at all? Are you experiencing difficulties having or having had children? … There are numerous obstacles that can make life suck, and often it takes very little to overcome them. Sometimes it’s just hard to do alone.And you don’t have to.


Massage therapi

Sensuality Massage is for you who want to:

  • Put your busy mind on hold and get in contact with your body
  • feel joy and love for yourself and your body
  • let go of tension and negative body images
  • open up your senses and explore your sexuality
  • connect your body with your mind


Sexuality & disabilty

At Handisex I work with all aspects of sexuality and disability. I teach professionals about sexuality and disability, laws, myths, boundaries, abuse, assisted sexuality etc. I also assist clients with disabilities to handle and live out their sexuality in the form of assessment, sexual guidance, sexual training, sensual massage and practical assistance for masturbation and intercourse.