“Sexuality is an integrated part of the personality in everyone – a basic need and an aspect of being human that cannot be separated from other aspects of life” /WHO.…This is the approach in my practice. For me, there is no substantial difference between working one-on-one with clients – with or without disabilities, and teaching professionals about the diverse expressions and unique universe of sexuality.

Certified sexologist specialized in disabilities and male sexuality.
Massage training from Kilden.dk
Courses in coaching and positive changes
Founder of handisex.dk
Associated with The Joan Ørting Scool of Soxology/ sexuality & disabilty /male sexuality
Associated with the master’s program in sexology at Aalborg University / sexuality and disability
Speaker at domestic & international conferences / NAACS, BODY, ISAAC, SHADA et.al.
Member of the Sexology Association, Sex Adviser Association, SHADA, and Professional Network for Sexual Health

My work as a sexologist is divided into three main areas: Sexuality and disabilities. Sensuality Massage samt general sex therapy & teaching

Through HandiSex, I work with sexuality in relation to disabilities – both with individual clients and with professionals. I have extensive experience in both assessment, assisted sexuality for clients, as well as teaching and lecturing both domestic and internationally. My approach is very practical and hands on. Theory and good intentions will only get you so far. The real challenge is dealing with real needs and desires. That’s where it gets complicated – and that’s where I can help make a positive difference for both professionals and people who need help experiencing their sexuality. You can read much more about that here: her.

I also do general sex therapy and counseling for both women and men. I aim to create a confidential space where you can verbalize your frustrations and dreams. I work from a systemic and holistic approach in that I include both the physiological, psychological, cultural and social aspects in order to get to the heart of the matter. I combine techniques from meditation, herbal therapy, tantra, positive psychology combined with personal experience, in order to help you find a way to achieve your goals. Read more here, if you need an open mind and an empathetic ear: Link: sexologisk rådgivning & undervisning

Conversation and dialogue may be beneficial, but the body also has a vital story to tell. Body language is the first language we learn and the last one we lose. Sometimes we just forget to listen – or rather feel – what we need, what we miss or lack and what we don’t feel like. Our needs are not necessarily only sexual, but can also be a deep general human need for intimacy, closeness, or care. I use sensuality massage therapy as a tool to revitalize your body and the emotions and feelings it creates. The massage is for everyone – including those bodies that don’t quite fit into the socially accepted stereotypical ideal of beauty. Read more about sensuality massage therapy here: her.

Contact me at:
Cell: +45 30 13 18 11
Mail: info@asgerbo.dk[/fusion_text]